Get Started


It’s Easy to Get Started On Your New Bathroom

It’s as Easy as 1…2…3!

  1. It all starts with a complimentary phone consultation with an experienced bathroom designer (not a salesperson!) During this conversations, we will answer your questions, explain our system and provide you with an estimate. Call us at 703-978-BATH (2284).

  2. Once you are comfortable with your designer, the estimate and our list of high-quality materials, we can schedule an in-home visit to see your space and to go over your specific ideas

  3. Should you wish to see your actual selected materials (cabinetry, tile, countertops, etc), we can even bring our 138 sq. ft. mobile showroom right to your house. We can then bring a wide variety of sample materials into your home and you can examine the quality, look and feel right in your own home!


  • The first  day of your project is spent establishing a clean slate by removing and disposing of the existing items in your bathroom.

  • Drop cloths will line your floors and protective dust barriers may be hung in your doorways in an effort to maintain the cleanest, most professional work site possible.

  • You can expect that the installation process will be completed in six to fifteen days depending on the scope of your project.

For your free estimate or to speak with an experienced bathroom designer,
call us at 703-978-BATH (2284)