BathExpress – The Realtors’ Choice

The real estate community has discovered just how easy it is for their homeowner clients to get custom-quality remodeling at a contractor price. We have become the “go to” for listing agents across the northern Virginia and Washington D.C. region. Over the last year, realtors have brought in clients who wound ups doing as many as five bathrooms in one fell swoop.
























Why? When homeowners decide that it is time to sell, they need to quickly get there home into top notch condition. Doing so often means remodeling one or more bathrooms. But neither the listing agent, nor the homeowner generally want to go from store to store trying to find the right combination of tile, cabinetry, hardware, countertops, etc. Nor do they generally want to interview a slew of contractors hoping for the best.

At BathExpress, the homeowner can visit the showroom, select ALL materials and labor. Often in 30 minutes or less! The materials are the highest quality but the price is often 30-40% less than traditional design showroom prices. We typically start within a few weeks and average about seven days on-site.

It’s easier, faster and less expensive.

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