Converting A Bathtub To A Walk-in Shower



Over the last couple of years, a growing number of homeowners have retained The Kitchen Guild and Bath Expressto convert bathtubs into walk-in showers. Some clients have done this as part of an overall bathroom remodel while others have done it as a standalone project. Our suppliers and manufacturers have responded by providing a number of products that are specifically designed to make the bathtub-to-shower conversion easier, less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing.

For those clients who want a practical, easy to maintain solution, we offer a solid surface shower pan with an end-drain – just like a bathtub (see photo below). This material, similar to Corian (a trademark of DuPont), is virtually indestructible. Any scratches or stains can literally be sanded out. And unlike fiberglass/acrylic shower pans, these pans do not flex or bend which can greatly reduce tile cracking or crumbling grout.

Another wonderful product for the bathtub-to-shower conversion is the Schluter Shower System. This product is manufactured by a German company (Schluter Systems) and allows us to replace your tub with a tiled floor in such a way as to reduce slope/drainage issues as well as moisture problems in the shower. We install this system complete with a completely waterproof membrane just under the tile. We then use a specialized grout that that has an additive to resist staining and crumbling. The result is a gorgeous tiled shower that is easy to maintain and extraordinarily stain resistant.

Walk-in Shower

If you would like a price quote to remodel your bathroom or just convert your bathtub to a shower, don’t hesitate to contact us at 703-978-BATH (2284) in Northern Virginia and 202-362-BATH (2284) in Washington D.C. or Maryland.

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